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Our Full Story

I’m Pragathe , Founder of Indeed Nature, want to share my wonderful start of this journey with you.

Due to the culture and society that we are all currently living in, where social comparison is normalized, self-consciousness is inevitable. Growing up, I’ve always had issues with my skin and needed that extra care.

My grandmother is extremely good with picking up herbs and seeds that are good for skin and hair. As a kid, I grew up with her freshly made bathing masks and hair masks using natural ingredients like Acalypha, Indica, turmeric for the body, and hibiscus with other medicinal leaves. I still remember how amazing I’d feel after a warm bath.


But things changed when I reached college. I was suffering from dermatitis and a hair fall condition at that time. I neither had the time nor patience to fit my natural hair care and skin care routine into my busy schedule. I was hunting for a quick fix. 

So, in search of convenience, I started using products from the market with many chemicals that I didn’t understand. I convinced myself that using many fancy products endorsed would help me. Nothing worked, while some managed to make it worse. In the long run, not only did it ruin my physical health, but It also took a toll on my self-esteem, my semester scores were falling, and I could barely remember having a good night’s sleep. 


The struggle was real. Trust me, I couldn’t wear half sleeve dresses and lost most of my hair. I’ve always covered my whole body because I was insecure and underconfident. I hit rock bottom and felt like giving up. It was so depressing to the point where I just wanted to escape to a world where humans had no skin to cover.When I connected with my friends, family, and people around, to my surprise, even if they didn’t go through intense conditions like mine, skin complications were prevalent. People are desperate to try different products to treat their conditions. 

The problem is that we all want amazing skin and hair but are not able to invest time in it. Commercial, personal care products are very secretive. They promise some results, but we neglect the kind of chemicals we’re allowing on our bodies. At least for me, they’ve only made things worse.The alternative is, preparing our own personal care products, which is not easy. We need to make a list of ingredients, purchase them (which I believe is extremely hard for people living in cities), and prepare them every week. It is very tedious.

Every product involving liquids needs a certain amount of chemicals to maintain a good shelf life so that we don’t end up making and buying it too often. So, I decided to form a team to hunt for ways to make more nature-inclined non-toxic products accessible to everyone. With the knowledge I’ve attained growing up with my grandmother’s homemade personal care ingredients, my team and I researched several traditionally used herbs for skin and hair health and various treatments used in this field to come up with personal care products free from sulphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, paraben, silicone oils, and other toxic chemicals.


Our packaging is entirely recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for the environment. All our materials are made in India!! 

Each product is prepared with care and contains the essence of my hard work and my grandmother’s love. We believe that our body can heal by itself but sometimes needs consistent care from simple products. I’m willing to share it with you only because I think that natural products are the best, and our goal is to make them accessible to everyone.

Natural Cosmetics

I always wanted to start my own firm which can provide the natural personal care and cosmetic experience and help people care and beautify themselves naturally. Also, I wanted my product containers to be recyclable and it is recyclable. Today, I wanted to give you my products as a result of my exploration to you so that you can reap the benefits of nature without hurting it. Your body has the ability to heal by itself since you are created by nature. We help you enhance your Self-care experience with Nature.


With love-

Pragathe Murugan
Founder & CEO, Indeed Nature

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