Who are we?

A ground-breaking womanhood cleanliness company from India aims to create a better future for women. We are here to assist women in winning because we firmly think that every time a woman triumphs, the world is improved. All of our goods are secure for the body and the environment, rash-free, natural, and organic.

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Why choose us?

We are focused to provide you the safe space to explore self-care as a part of life with the utmost sustainability to the environment

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Always wanted to help you with non-toxic products


All of our ingredients are 100 % organic

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Formulae based on Granny's herb collection 


Professionally handmade with love

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Its cruelty-free as we love animals

Products based on concern

What our customers think about our products?

Rithika, Chennai

“I had long time problem with dark underarm. Gave a try with the underarm ligtening soap and it worked to my surprise"

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